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Ordering & billing disclaimer

The billing data that needs to be entered by consumers on our website during order placement must be accurate and at the same time truthful. Providing inaccurate or untruthful information pertains to breach of contract and may lead to order cancellation. Before final acceptance of the order, there can also be a request from our side for some specific additional information.

Our organization is holding the sole rights of refusal or cancellation of each order due to some of the specific reasons like limited product quantity being available for purchase, error/inaccuracies in product’s pricing structure, or some sort of issues being identified by the accounts department. In case of the cancellation of the order, after the payment has been deducted from your credit card, our organization will issue a credit in the same amount that has already been charged.

When you confirm your purchase towards the end of the checkout procedure, it signifies that you have already agreed to accept and make payment for the specific items being bought. You will be informed by our team in case all or any component of your order is being canceled or if we require any sort of additional information is being required for accepting the order.

The charges will be deducted as soon as you place your order and this also includes the payment that is being done through PayPal mode. We are not liable for the refund in case the buyer returns the item due to incorrect information being provided to us. In case the customer receives the wrong item or the product is being delivered to an inaccurate postal address due to the fault of our company, then the entire order will be reshipped to the customer’s place. It is important to note here that reshipping will be done in case the consumer comes up with most accurate claim.

Information Disclaimer

Our organization is disclaiming all sorts of responsibilities for the correctness and availability of information presented on site. Each and every item presented on the website by us is solely for personalized usage. The products are not at all meant to be utilized commercially for the purpose of exportation/ importation or for reselling it. Our company won’t take any responsibility if some sort of custom/ legal implications arises like a seizure, auctioning or there is forfeiture. All such sort of legal and custom implications will be directly passed on to the purchaser.

The information being displayed on our website includes the one related to medical/ health conditions, therapies, products; everything is solely intended for informational use only. Our company doesn’t hold itself responsible for the information listed on other sites that are linked to ours. In case you are finding any content/ information on these websites as deemed to be inappropriate, you can connect to the webmaster.

Cost Disclaimer

Our organization is already putting all reasonable efforts into extending the most correct & latest content about the product costing on our own website. But, there can also be a chance of some costing errors arising on the site. Our firm is holding sole rights for carrying cancellation of all orders that have been made on the basis of costing errors appearing on our website. Thus in case, a customer‘s order is being canceled due to a costing error, he/she will be informed about the cancellation. Additionally, our organization also reserves the sole right to alter the cost structure of any product on our website without any prior intimation to consumers.

Product Disclaimer

Although our team ensures that all information about all the items that is being presented on the website is correct but there may be a chance that the manufacturer changes the list of components or alter some other information about the product. Or product package/information leaflet may comprise of some additional or distinct information that what has been mentioned on our website.

It is due to this reason that our organization advises all the customers to read carefully all labels, warnings, and precautions along with the directions of product usage on their own and not simply rely upon the information provided on our website. The information presented on our site is solely for the reference purpose and can’t be substituted for advice and recommendation of the healthcare provider, pharmacist or any other licensed medical professional.