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Enjoy a satisfactorily intimate life by overcoming your erotic disorder with Malegra 50 Mg

All over the world, males feel extremely embarrassed for admitting that they may have an issue with their sexual health in the form of erectile dysfunction. So, a strong linkage has been found between erectile dysfunction and stress.

Other major causes of the erotic disorder include diabetes, smoking, consuming alcohol, and elevated blood pressure or cholesterol level. However, the advice of the experts about this condition is that don’t get stressed over this particular situation.

Instead, focus on consuming the right medication and introducing some lifestyle changes to enjoy your satisfactorily intimate life. The physician normally diagnoses erectile dysfunction and the underline causative factors.

This is done by asking patients questions about their medical condition and sexual history. At times, it is also done by sharing questionnaires, which assists in understanding the causes of the impotence in specific patients. The physician utilizes Malegra 50 mg to treat erectile illness in men. 

What is Malegra 50? 

The Malegra 50 is a clinically proven drug for eradicating the signs of impotence. It comprises sildenafil as the main component. This generic drug is cheaper and equally effective compared to its branded counterparts.

However, medicine plays a crucial role in curing certain illnesses. So, purchase Malegra 50 from a legitimate internet pharmacy platform. The reason is that it is one of the most counterfeited drugs available today.

The medication starts showing its effect within 30 to 60 minutes of intake. So, make a better choice and purchase Malegra 50 to eradicate the erectile disorder. 

Composition of Malegra 50 

The most dynamic segment of this pill is sildenafil citrate. This compound helps all weak males. Get it sexually aroused to achieve a stiffer hard required for engaging in long-lasting sexual relations. 

Who is the manufacturer of Malegra 50? 

One very popular drug maker by the name of Sunrise Remedies is responsible for the production of this drug. The company is a specialist in producing generic medications. 

What is the use of Malegra 50? 

Many males worldwide utilize this drug for dealing with sexual weakness, known as erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate is a quick and fast-acting drug.

It starts showing its action within 30-60 minutes of devouring it. Through the consumption of this medication, the patient will have awesome and durable power. 

Mechanism of action of Malegra 50 

The action of Malegra tablet has a striking similarity to that of the branded Viagra. It is due to the reason that this medicine is loaded with the same chemical known as sildenafil citrate.

It belongs to the PDE-5 blocker category of the drug. The PDE-5 enzyme plays a very vital role in the restriction of the flow of blood.

The sildenafil salt blocks the action of the PDE-5 on the arteries and the blood flow pattern. So this helps the men to achieve the perfect erections, allowing them to stay for longer. 

Dosage of Malegra 50 

Ideally, the patient should visit the physician for carrying the evaluation of erectile failure. This is to purchase anti-impotency medication to get rid of the issue. The recommended dosage in older patients can be reduced to Malegra 50mg. 

Side effects of Malegra 50 

Side effects develop when the individual’s body tries to adjust to the medications. The undesirable effects can range from mild to severe. 

Some of the aftermaths that may develop using this anti-impotence drug are: 

  • Chest pain 
  • breath shortness 
  • Prolonged erections 
  • Muscular pain 
  • Fatigue 
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Drug and food interactions for Malegra 50 
  • Some of the drug and disease interactions for Malegra 50 include: 
  • Nitroprusside drugs
  • Protease inhibitors 
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Alpha-blockers used in patients with a prostate problem
  • Cardioselective beta blockers
  • Certain types of antifungals, especially Azole or antiviral medications
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Other Ed medications
  • Amyl nitrates, like poppers
  • Nitrate containing medications 

Using grapefruit or grape juice can interact with the sildenafil & influence the working. Such interaction will raise the levels of sildenafil salt within the body. Typically, the counter effect can delay the medication’s working process. 

Preventive measures while taking Malegra 50 

  • The use of this medicine is restricted to patients who have allergic reactions. Consuming the drugs in such conditions will cause the risk of side effects. 
  • Do not consume alcohol during the treatment therapy with Malegra 50mg, as it is unsafe. Also, limit the consumption of alcohol or avoid its utilization, as the combined use will make the individual feel dizzy or drowsy. 
  • It is not recommended to consume Malegra 50 with nitrate-based drugs. The combination may cause a serious reduction in the fall of blood pressure which can be fatal. 
  • Using this medication may impact vision or make the individual feel dizzy or drowsy. Don’t 
  • Indulge in driving or perform tasks that require full capability, as this can be fatal due to the influence of the drug. 
  • If you have a liver or kidney ailment, you may require dosage adjustments to achieve safe and beneficial therapy. So consult a physician during the situation and consume the drug with immense caution. 
  • Patients below the age group of 18 and women should not use this medication. Make sure to consider all the instructions before taking Malegra 50 carefully.

Storage of Malegra 50 

Store the Malegra in a closed container at room temperature. Please keep it away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. Never keep the updated medicine package or drug which is no longer required. 

Malegra 50 Reviews 
  • I am too embarrassed to bring up my erotic issue in front of the physician. Due to this, gradually, my sex life has been rotten, and my wife feels very disappointed. So the option is to visit the doctor online & got the recommendation of Malegra 50. Now my condition is better, and I acquired the courage to discuss my ED condition. Thumps up for the product from a highly satisfied guy! 
  • The cost is an important consideration for people like me when purchasing medication. So I chose the cheaper and generic Malegra 50 for my erotic disorder. It has taken a toll on my relationship. But the price did not stand in my way, and this generic Malegra 50 did help me to get out of the trouble.

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Sildenafil Citrate 50mg

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